It all started as an accident....

After receiving my first dehydrator from my girlfriend as a present, I exceeded her expectations of using it once (and tossing it in a cupboard to collect dust) by continuing to test out new flavors and using friends as “flavor guinea pigs”, who quickly encouraged me to begin selling the product. The name is an homage to a close friend that passed away, whose favorite loving salutation was yelling “Jerkface!” whenever happily greeting a pal. With my connections to the DC craft beer community, I concentrated on specific jerky/beer pairings with local breweries such as Flying Dog, 3 Stars Brewing, and Atlas Brew Works just to name a few; and with my active imagination I figured you’ll never know if a crazy flavor idea will work if you don’t try it. I only use flank steak for it’s lean and tender qualities, and also never add extra salt or sugar like some of those other guys.

So please enjoy my brave, bold, and sometimes downright silly concoctions at Breadsoda, Iron Horse Taproom, Smoke & Barrel and other locations! We’re always open for feedback, so feel free to send me your thoughts, rants, or questions!

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